Call For Papers


Borders, Boundaries, and Identities

The marking of boundaries and borders aims at structuring and naming spaces – both geographical and symbolic – as distinguishable entities. This naming, however, is subject to the incessant erasure and redrawing of lines of demarcation and redefining of spaces and identities, the demolition and reorganization of power structures, and the repositioning of the centre and the margins. Despite attempts at disciplining territories, spaces, and identities, transgressions of boundaries and borders are inevitable. And the passages created by differing boundaries constitute the most contested fields.Nomenclature, therefore, remains a problem without a closure. While the etching of borders/boundaries is a divisive act, it is also one which saves us from anarchy.

In the upcoming volume of the journal, we hope to look into these issues in works of literature, in the creative arts – including audio and visual representations like film, music, theatre, and art, and in cultural and social formations.  Intersections: A Journal of Literary and Cultural Studies invites 350–400-word abstracts of original scholarly articles, interviews, book/film reviews, along with 5 keywords for its upcoming volume. For details regarding submissions, please Click Here.


Abstracts may be related to, but not necessarily limited to the following sub-themes:

a.                  Borders/ Boundaries and Human Rights

b.                  Global / Local / Glocal Boundaries and Identities

c.                   Personal and Political Identities

d.                  Borders and Religious Identities

e.                   Caste / Class / Religious Identities

f.                    Sexuality and Identity

g.                  Identity and Disability

h.                  Identities and Special Zones (such as highly militarized zones of conflict)

i.                    Prisons/ Concentration Camps /Forced Labour Camps and Identities

j.                    Diaspora/ Migration/ Exile / Asylum and Identity

k.                   Post/colonial politics and Identity

l.                    Utopic / Dystopic Identities

m.                 Digital Boundaries and Identities

n.                  Technology and Identity

o.                  Temporal borders and Identities 


Abstracts must be mailed by 06.04.2022


Intimation to contributors regarding the selection of abstracts shall be made on or by 21.04.2022